Saturday, November 16, 2013

Christmas Tree Craft.

Did you know that it's the holiday season? woo to the hoo!!! We love the holidays around here. Especially the smells, the baking, the crafting, the lights, the tree, the music, Christ... all of it. How can we not. HE is the reason for the season and that should make us all happy enough. Well, because it's that time of year, my kids know that it means we get to be super crafty and make all kinds of fun things. Last week we came up with these uber cute Christmas trees that are put onto clothes pins. If you do them just right, they can stand but if you add too many buttons or the tree is heavier on one side they will fall. :) However, they are clothes pins and you could always hang them from something. 

How to: 
1. Trace circles of two different sizes in however many shades you want. We went with four colors and two sizes. Our circles were about 2 inches and 1.5in. Then cut those shapes out. 

2. I made a triangle as a base for the kids to glue the circles to. It wasn't anything fancy. Just a simple triangle shape. Ours happened to be ivory. 

3. The kids then started picking out different circles that they wanted for their trees. The 5 year old was more picky and the 4 years was just putting them anywhere... their choice. :) We glued them how they wanted. 

4. We then used buttons of any colors and sizes. Also putting them where they wanted. 

5. When that was all done and dried, I glued a clothes pin to the back. I also decided to draw on my tree with black marker for extra pizzaz!! lol. All done and super cute!! 


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