Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Count your blessings.

Thanksgiving, a time of giving thanks and being grateful for absolutely everything that we have and have been given. While this is Thanksgiving and people are more aware of what they have, we need to remember to always be grateful for those blessings and not just on this special day. Life itself is a blessing and we should remember this each and every morning that we wake up. Society has a habit of taking so many things for granted. So so many things that others all over the world don't have and can't have, so count your blessings, say grace, and love the ones you are with. Here are a few things that we are so very grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. 

Our Faith. 
Only because of the good Lord are we able to be where we are today. We give all the glory to HIM. 

Our Military.
Specifically my brother, Sgt Paul Dumont Jr., who was killed while fighting in Afghanistan on August 19, 2009. Not a moment easier here on earth without him but I am faithful and sure I will see him again. We, as a family, are so appreciate of everything our soldiers do for this amazing country. 

St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital.
Our son, Montana, battled childhood cancer at the age of 2 and we are forever grateful for the research done. He is now in remission and doing so well. He is our inspiration but without amazing, awesome, hard working doctors this may never have been possible. We will always give back.

So thankful for a family who loves to travel. The kids, the husband and I love this life of seeing as much as we can and experiencing all that God has created. It keeps us close, gives us amazing memories and the journey is well worth it. 

So very thankful for such great friends. They know you, love you and still keep hanging out with you. Love them just the same.

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