Friday, November 1, 2013

Elf on the Shelf and Santa.

Halloween was awesome! We had the perfect weather, we received quality candy and the kids had a great time. Nothing better could be said. Montana was a Zombie Skeleton and the girls were christmas characters... go figure. :) Makenna and Myla loved their costumes and they received lots of good compliments. Imagine Santa and Snowflake (from Elf on the Shelf) coming up to your house and saying "Trick or Treat.. Happy Halloween!" People loved it... haha. We are a huge Christmas lovin family and I guess no better way to kick it off other than dressing up like the holidays for Halloween. HERE is where you can find the pattern for the collar for Elf on the Shelf. Enjoy! 
Good times were had by all. Hope you all had a lovely Happy Halloween. 

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