Sunday, November 17, 2013

Elf on the Shelf : Dusty is coming!

This is our second year with Dusty. That's what our kids named our little guy. We are all so excited that we can barely wait. The Christmas decorations have been going up ever so slowly and this coming weekend we will complete it all. I mean, we have to get ready for the arrival of Dusty who comes to our house on Thanksgiving! :) Last year seemed to go by so fast with the activities that Dusty was doing to our house and to the kiddos that we moved it up a few days. I will admit that by the middle of the month, I did have a few days where I had to jump up that next morning and scramble to put him somewhere. I actually stuffed him in the couch at one point because someone was coming down the hallway.... ahh!! I hope to be more prepared this time so I went ahead and made a make-shift calendar. It will at least give me an idea if I don't have one and it helps to look ahead a bit. Truth be told, I think the Elf is more of a favorite than Santa. :) Hope your Elf on the Shelf is as crazy as ours. Enjoy. 

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