Thursday, November 21, 2013

Jesus is the reason kids craft.

So, we have our tree up. Yes we sure do. :) We decided last minute to put it up two days ago. With the Christmas music blaring, the kids dancing, and all of us decorating and bringing up past memories of the holidays we are now in full Christmas mode. This doesn't mean we aren't in the Thanksgiving mood however. It just means that we are more than ready for some yummy turkey, getting together with family and enjoying the holidays. We love to come home after stuffing our faces with all kinds of food, popping in a Christmas DVD and enjoying the day and the days that are about to come.

We also remember the true meaning of Christmas and that is Jesus Christ. It is His birthday and we celebrate that and are so very thankful for his birth. Because of this, we make lots of Christ centered crafts as well as the typical snowman and santa ones. Here is one we made a few days ago. Most of the time was spent on cutting out the smaller pieces, which is why I did that while they went to bed. Then the next morning we were able to assemble the project. The kids loved it! Super easy... just glueing and some small details to finish and wala... a neat little project! It's nice because you can make it for any age and they can get more detailed the older they are. Enjoy.

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  1. Thank you for making and sharing this simple craft. And kids can participle the truth meaning of Christmas 👍