Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Photography the unschooling way.

The thing about unschooling is that we get to learn about anything and everything we want. If the kids have an interest on any topic at all, we can look it up, read about it and expand on it. That is probably the number one reason to unschool. The kids just really love it. 

So, part of our year is going to be spent exploring a bit with photography. Montana sees me taking tons of photos and it only makes sense that he would be a bit interested. In the past he has asked if he could use my camera (ahh) and try his hand at photography. Well today I went ahead and gave him my camera and said have fun. Here is a glimpse into the way he saw his own backyard. (photos done by him, editing done my me) As time goes on, we will work more on the paticulars with the camera itself. For now, he is learning on his own. 

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