Saturday, November 23, 2013

St. Jude Give Thanks Walk. 2013

Our son had cancer. He is cancer free and in remission now thank the Lord. It was a long hard battle for those three years. He fought many hard battles but he was and is our hero throughout it all. We give God the glory however. He is using Montana for a purpose and he is a living testimony of what the good Lord can do. We did end up losing alot of good friends and that is why we will ALWAYS give back. We do what we can to help raise awareness for all the children still fighting, for those that fought and for the kids that will fight. It's so hard as a parent to hear, "your child has cancer!" Those words can never be given to you lightly and once you hear them, you begin the fight of your life.

Today was the Give Thanks Walk for St. Jude. We love to be apart of something that helps others to see what research, fundraising and support can do. We raise money, we walk and we meet other families who have endured the battles we have. St. Jude patients become family. It's a hospital unlike any other and it has become a second home. If you see the St. Jude logo anywhere please think about giving/donating to an amazing hospital who work every single day on helping to find cures. Give thanks for healthy kids in your life and give to those who are not. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

"But it all turns out all right you see. And I go back to" - Dr. Seuss

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