Sunday, June 22, 2014

Organizing the RV.

It's been almost a month since we have moved into the RV and boy that went by fast. Everyone has transitioned well and above all, we are just ready to see new things. However, we have to be patient and let our plans take their course. We will be taking a slight mini vacation at the end of July and we are all really looking forward to that. The location to where exactly is being narrowed down slowly. I'm pretty sure we know where we will be going though. :) 

As we have met other RVers and mingled with other campers at the campground, one of the number one questions asked is, "How do you organize it all?" Even people who don't RV want to know where we put the kids clothes, the toys, all the stuff, etc. So this post is to share just how we have managed to downsize from an 1100 sq foot house to a 200 sq foot RV. Enjoy.

The Kitchen Cabinet:
This is the cabinet that holds most of the kitchenware. We do have a drawer for utensils and a cabinet below for pots, bowls and other kitchen things but this one is the most highly used one. It's where the cups, cereal bowls, plates, seasonings, tupperware and blender items go. It works great for us and we have the system down. 

Entertainment & School Cabinet:

This cabinet is for our DVD's and school workbooks. We have over 600 DVD's ranging from educational to TV seasons. Chris and I have never had cable in our 10 years of marriage so movies have been our source of entertainment. We also accumulated lots of kids movies while Montana battled cancer due to the fact that he was unable to get out of bed much.  I went through each DVD, cut out front of the image using a template I made and then organized them according to genre. So far, so good.

Business and Household Paperwork:

This area used to hold a small old tube T.V. We decided to take it out and utilize the space for more organization. It works great for what we need and gives us more space in other areas.

Bathroom Cabinet:

Our bathroom cabinet is organized with bins from the dollar store. I hated that everything would fall over when we traveled and needed a new way to keep it organized. This was the answer and it works great.

The Kids Cabinet:
This was the tricky cabinet. I needed to figure a way to get all three kids in the same area with all their clothes, toys, and extra things. After moving things around several times, this is how it ended up. It has worked great, the kids know their areas and the toys are conveniently located. Descriptions are on the below image.

The Kids Cabinet Descriptions:

This is my (Jessica's) Cabinet:

Chris' Cabinet:
He has the two that are open as well as the two drawers beside it. He really doesn't have too many clothes. :) 

The Kitchen Food Area:

Here is where we house the food for the most part. We do have a small cabinet for large items, such as cereal but this is the location for pretty much everything else. Thanks to IKEA for all of our temporary furniture. :)

The Lego Ottoman:

We knew we wanted to take our Legos with us but weren't quite sure how. Then this idea came to mind and we went with it. It works amazingly well for the kids. They know where they are, they can pick them up and we can hide them... A-MAZING!!


  1. You have done a wonderful job organizing your house on wheels! :-)

  2. I've been 5th wheel living for 3 months now and am still working on our organization. . I found shelves intended for school lockers and put them in our tall shelf-less cupboards... The things I use and re purpose amaze me all the time.
    You on the other hand look like you got your organizing done pretty quickly. Good job!

    1. Thank you!! The school shelf thing is a great idea. I haven't thought of that one but I'm always searching for more ideas when it comes to storage. I hope you are enjoying the road life!! Happy Travels

  3. Just happened upon your site via Pinterest since we just bought an RV. Love all your tips and that one of your kids' name is Kenna! There are so few of us!

    1. I'm so glad you found us. It's crazy how people find our website. Kenna is actually Makenna but we call her Kenna for short. I'm seeing a few of those around but still not a ton. :)