Monday, October 27, 2014

Heading South, The ups and the Downs.

We did it. After many months of getting the RV in shape, fixing problems, getting a plan together, and preparing, we made it to Florida. It feels amazing. Everyone is happy and it's kind of surreal. Today we sat at a lake in Jacksonville, Florida while the kids jumped off a dock and built sand castles. The temps were about 90 degrees and the sun was shining. Could it get any better? This is what we had hoped for. There were so many days of doubts and tears but today made it all worth it. Bessie did great and we had NO problems. Did you hear us? There were NO problems with the RV. She started up just fine and ran amazingly. Thank you Lord.

We left 4 days ago not knowing what was going to happen. When we started the RV up on Friday, it didn't turn over. It didn't start and we thought... what more could happen? We already know more could happen. We have already been through so much and this really wasn't that big of a problem but in the moment, it was. We were running out of money. We could not possibly afford to keep fixing the issues that Bessie was giving us. After talking with the mechanic and listening to his advice, we went for it. We hit the road and the issues have sort of fixed themselves. Thank you Jesus!! Our first night was spent in Selma, North Carolina at RVacation. It was such a simple yet lovely campground. It was located right off the highway beside a lake. The kids loved the freedom and could ride their bikes. At this point, Chris and I were still hesitant. Was the RV going to start? Was it going to breakdown on the highway yet again? It didn't. The second day, we stayed at Santee, SC. Now this was a VERY unique campground and definitely not our favorite. I would consider it the trailer park of campgrounds. We were the only ones there it seemed. Pretty much all the trailers there were purchased ahead of time and people vacationed some time throughout the year. It wasn't exactly what we were looking for but it was fine for a night. The third night landed us here in Jacksonville, Fl at Flamingo Lake RV Resort. Everyone is happy and this was when it became real. We are officially traveling, living and experiencing life. Life is good. This is the life we envisioned and had hope for. We know that not everyday will be great and that not everyday will be amazing but we will definitely take the good days. Trust us, we know there are plenty of rough days. There are the days that you want to just throw the towel in and give up. Persistence is key and it pays off. Here are to many more days of living a life on the road and making awesome memories with the kids. It may not be perfect, but it's our life. This is our story.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Minecraft Art Project.

Last week while we were hanging out my parents house, I decided to come up with an art project for the kids to do. Our kids are obsessed with Minecraft even though we don't allow lots of screen time, especially Montana. He has been begging to do something and this was just up his ally. If you're looking for a simple project that your kids will love, this could just be it. This kind of project can be adjusted to fit lots of grade levels. We had everyone from 6th grade down to Kindergarden doing it. The older grades can create the entire project themselves while the younger grades can create it by color recognition. Once they created one image, they wanted to do more. :) 

What you need:
- white paper
- colored pencils/crayons/markers
- ruler
- pencil

- the project needs 64 squares (8 up and 8 down)
- we did our squares at 1 inch apart but they could be done at any size
- use one of the images from the lowest images and color accordingly. 
- easy peasy! 

Friday, October 24, 2014

A week with no Bessie.

Where have we been? It's been a week and there have been no updates on the blog and that's mainly due to the fact that we have had no RV. Last week we thought we were going to be leaving and be heading to Florida. We were wrong. We were WAY wrong. Instead, we have been at my parents house in Williamsburg for the past 8 days. Luckily, they live close and we had that option or else we would have been staying in a gravel parking lot for the last week. (Thanks mom and dad!) What we thought was going to be our first trip south turned out to be about a 5 mile drive before the RV started losing power. We literally got off at that next exit and headed straight for the mechanic. Turns out the entire fuel system needed replacing. That took a few days and we were finally given word that it was complete and we could leave. yay! But, oh wait, we couldn't because the RV wouldn't start. ahhh. Chris and I weren't shocked. Nothing comes as a shock when the RV doesn't do what it's suppose to. Nope. Instead, we packed our stuff and headed back to my parents house. Then today, when everything was supposedly fixed and we were packed and ready to head out at 9am, the RV wouldn't start yet again. REALLY? Are you kidding me? I just kind of hung my head, prayed and put the kids back in the car. We went and got lunch with my mom and brothers. Nothing new, we are so used to flying by the seat of our pants. At 4pm, the mechanic called and said all is good. Hmmm, what should we think? We were skeptical and still are. Both of us are just waiting for the next thing yet praying there is no next thing. As I type this, we are located in Williamsburg still and parked at the KOA. Not our choice of campgrounds considering they cost a billion dollars for campers. I own my own "house". I don't quite understand why it's so expensive since it's the same as every other campground... rocks, grass and hook-ups. However, it's a nice change for the kids and it's close enough that we could get everything organized and revamped before the drive south. Luckily, I have wifi and can get some work done.

Full-timing has been a test of our patience. It's not all rainbows and ponies, that is for sure. We have had many days of wanting to shoot the dang RV because of leaks and mechanical problems. Oh man alive have we. We didn't sign up for these kind of problems is what we want to say, however, we have to accept the problems and know that this is part of it. It's part of owning a home on wheels and all the problems that come along with owning a vehicle. Nothing in life is perfect, nothing. All we know is that so far it's worth it. The kids have met some amazing children, have experienced some awesome things and have had life changing experiences all while living in Williamsburg. We haven't even had the chance to move south or see other places and yet everyone is still all hands in. This is the life we chose. This is the way we WANT to live and so we will continue with our plans. We will continue to pray, we will count on His blessings, and we will teach our kids from hands on experiences. This is our life and this is our adventure. Life on the road is what we want. This is OUR story. Follow us... the good, the bad and the ugly.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Frozen, The Zoo, Camping, and Busch Gardens... Oh what fun it is.

It's been a crazy few weeks here at the campground. We are in the process of getting ready to leave Virginia and head to Florida all while enjoying our last few weeks/days with family. The kiddos have been enjoying the activities that have been thrown their way. They thrive off of continuous busy-ness and love being gone. This is the reason they do so well living in an RV and traveling on the open road. They HATE staying home. I think it's a trait they've inherited from the both sides of the family. It truly makes our life easier to be honest. We love that they love to see new things and have continuous education of lots of hands on activities. They don't complain.. EVER, about being gone. Nope, they actually look forward to what the next day holds. These are some of the things they have been able to do in the last month while I have worked my heiny off for the craft shows coming up. Our count down to leave is in three days. That's it. We pack up and head south on Thursday!!! Woo hoo, we are ever so excited and thrilled about new sights and new experiences. Bring it on. 

"Live a want to life, not a have to life." 



Norfolk Zoo

Lego Fest in Richmond

Bowling at Ft. Eustis

Campground Fun

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fall Festival Craft Show.

The past two weeks have been a complete whirlwind. We've had everything from getting ready to leave, fixing the vehicles, preparing for the craft show and so much more going on. I've pretty much dedicated most of my "free" time to being creative and making tons and tons of hair bows. The RV looked like a handful of tornadoes had blown through on any given day. Ribbon, glue, clips, scissors, and papers were all over the place. I guess that's how it goes though when getting ready for a two day show. 

The Fall Festival was this past weekend and I lucked out yet again with two awesome days of weather. On the first day, we only had Myla with us since my parents had the older two up at the Lego Fest. I'll save those photos for another day though. The festival ran smoothly and we were able to meet some other vendors with whom we got along great with. It's always nice to have food (salsa) vendors right by your own booth. :) People would come and go quite often but for the most part, I'd say we were in a good location. Our view faced the lake and when the sun would rise, it was awesome! Yes, we were there that early. Many people who walked by were envious of our location even though we were pretty much in the back. No complaints on our end though. These craft shows are becoming a favorite of mine. I like the idea of working ahead of time and then selling, rather than selling and then creating what was sold. It kind of feels like a pay off to know you worked so long for so many hours and can then sit back and view what happens. Plus, I really enjoy getting to speak with people on a personal level. Some want to talk about bows, others like to chat about kids and many talk about travel, surprisingly. I'm good with that.  

Believe it or not, this coming Thursday we pack up and head south. The kids are so excited and so are Chris and I. We will finally be doing what we have hoped for so long... living on the road. We will be taking our time heading to Florida where I will be doing another craft show at the beginning of November and yet again, I'm sure the RV will become a disaster. But, if this is what it must look like for us to make this happen then so be it. Sunny Florida here we come! 

"Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition."
-Steve Jobs