Monday, January 26, 2015

Living in a tiny home.

This home we live in is us. We can honestly say that beyond the shadow of a doubt we are completely happy and have everything we need. In so many other countries across the world, our RV would be considered a luxury and yet to so many Americans, they would consider it a suffering. How in the world would they manage to live in such a small space? How could they live in such close quarters? It's called love, it's called life and it's called family. We, as Americans, have it all wrong. We don't need 5000 sq foot homes. We don't need to each have our own rooms, to have bonus rooms, 4 bathrooms and 3 car garages. No. What we need is compassion, quality time and love. We need to spend more time as a family playing games, interacting, and talking. As a country, we have become greedy and have put our values in all the wrong places. Instead of placing value in our family, we have put value in our jobs and in things. We work to get more, we work to have bigger bank accounts and to save for the future. What we don't realize is that when we do this, time is passing us by. Our kids are aging, their lives flying by and before we know it, they have moved out and the memories we wanted to make are no more. Chris and I have compared saving for the future vs. experiencing life with our kids now. What is valued more? Is it better to know they have a college fund or is it better to have created such memorable moments with them now? We are not rich and we don't have huge savings accounts. What we do have is fun, laughter and experiences. Our lives are lived within each day. Sure we have plans but we have to take those with a grain of salt. Nothing in the future is ever set in stone. Nothing is ever a guarantee. God tells us to live each day as it comes and that He will take care of the rest. All that we know (as a couple) is that we want to give our kids the most amount of love and care we can. We want to bless them with so many wonderful memories and experiences that when they look back, they will KNOW that their parents gave them all they could with so much love and laughter. Even in this tiny home, we promise them great things. Sure, they sleep in the living room and eat in the same place. Yes, we all share a bathroom smaller than the size of a closet and when I go to bed, I can see to the front door. Does it mean we are suffering, HECK NO! When we walk out the door, the world is our playground. We are free to run and bike and board. We have camp fires, play tag, slack line and hike. We watch the sun set and the sun rise. The rain falls and the kids literally dance. It's been an amazing 8 months. We miss nothing and only look forward to more. This is our life. This is what WE want and this is what WE value. Tiny home or not, family is important.

"It's not how big's the house, It's how happy is the home"

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Shakeology, Fitness, and 2015

Life in Melbourne has been great. It's the New Year and we are kicking off 2015 with a bang. We go  to the beach, we longboard, we run and we are on track to remain healthy and happy. This year, Chris and I have decided to take our healthy lifestyle and turn it into a career of helping others. I am officially a Beachbody Coach where I help others to get fit, lose weight, eat right and be on top of their game. Chris will join the team soon and together we will help as many people as we can. Together, we will change the world. :) If you are interested in taking Shakeology or doing any of the workout programs feel free to message us. So far, we are loving 21 Day Fix. It's been Ahhhmazing and believe it or not, we actually do the workouts IN the rv. It can get tight, but where there is a will, there is a way. :)

The kids are doing well. They hang out daily with the only other kids at the campground who will soon begin the rest of their trip around the United States. I'm sure they will have a hard time when they leave but in a few short months we will also begin our own adventures west. We take each day as it comes and remember the adventures we have had, as well as the adventures that are about to come.

The people at the campground have been amazing. You have to understand, we are the youngest family here by about 30 years... most every couple here is about 65 and older. They love our kids and look forward to hearing the giggling, the laughter and honestly, they like to give the kiddos a hard time. It would be the men that like to do that most. lol. We have fun talking to and hearing their stories. I love the fact that every person on this earth has a story. If you actually take the time to listen to them and to all they have been through, you learn so much!! It's neat to hear of things from many years ago and the all the experiences they have had. This campground has been amazing and I'm sure we will back. For now, we have another 4 months and the entire campground is FULL. There is not a single spot availabe and the wait list is about 3 deep to even get in. (That means that RVs are hanging out in the outer parking lot) Lucky for us, we are here for good! In the meantime, we will continue to bodyboard, hunt for horseshoe crabs, ride bikes, go for runs and walks and enjoy each and everyday.

"Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway."
-Earl Nightingale