Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Stopping off in Missouri.

We are now back in Florida. After pretty much a month and a half of hanging out in Springfield, Missouri, we packed up our camper and headed south. It was a quick trip down here. There were no stop offs or time for hanging out. We had business to take care of which consisted of downsizing yet again. So if you don't know, we are living fulltime in Filmore now. Yes, I know, it's kind of insane but it's for the best and honestly, we've done it now for 5 months and everyone is alive to talk about it. Our plan is to live in this for awhile, save some money and purchase a trailer that is a bit bigger. Why are we getting rid of Bessie? That's a blog post in itself but for a short answer, it was one gigantic pain in the #@%! Filmore has been amazing and the stress levels have dropped dramatically. You can stay tuned for what life is like in just 13 feet of space, traveling with three kids, and getting stuck indoors when the mosquitoes are too much to handle.

But for now, we'll go back to our time in Missouri.

Our month in a half of time spent in the "show me state" was filled with lots of family time, minor whitewater, hanging out with friends, visiting Branson and many fundraisers. We stayed with Chris' parents while we managed to work on Filmore and repaint the outside of him. I'd say he came out quite lovely. At least the compliments as we travel have told us so. And now that we're back in Florida, we're waiting on the first comment about the Miami Dolphins. So far, there have been none.

Fundraising is a job, I kid you not. It takes time, dedication and lots of work. It can be down right exhausting. We've managed to raise just over $4000 so far which is amazingly awesome since it's all going to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. They deserve every penny and then some. Montana has been a help selling his lemonade at the Farmers Markets while Chris' church allowed us to hold pancake breakfast. The generosity of some people is just so amazing. After that, we did the Chick Fil A fundraiser which also turned out to be a huge success, not to mention all the great friends we have who donated online towards our team goals and towards the purchase of our Team Montana shirts. So thanks to every single person who has given to our cause in one way or another. We truly appreciate it!!

When our time wasn't filled with fundraising, I was basically upstairs working on bows, bows and more bows. I worked two craft shows while in Missouri while also maintaining my Etsy shop. It was rather time consuming considering they were only two weeks apart. The shows were great but the prep for them wasn't.

While I worked, the kids did some reading lessons a few times a week with a teacher who also taught Chris and his sister back in the day. Other than that, we tried to play and visit with friends as much as possible. Our outings included hitting up Silver Dollar City, The Butterfly Palace, National Parks and the Dixie Stampede. The kids' Gigi took them to many garage sales and on many other small outings. I'd say that we filled our time wisely and took advantage of the many fun opportunities. Before we knew it, it was time to make our way south.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Repainting a Vintage Camper.

When we first purchased Filmore we knew right away that we wanted to repaint him. It was and is such a cute little camper but we saw so much more potential in him than when we first pulled him in the camp spot. After many months of camping in him throughout the summer and now into the fall, we did it. Our once gray, black and white camper is now orange, white and turquoise. Of course, if you're a sports watching kind of person, you would notice that it's the same colors as the Miami Dolphins. However, we have nothing to do with sports on T.V and have nothing to do with the Miami Dolphins. So with that being said, we love our newly painted camper and will enjoy the brightly painted colors on his outer shell. We all feel that Filmore is a much better representation of who we are and of the excitement in this life we live. Our happy home is ours. It's full of love, of adventure and full of so many wonderful memories.

What we used and how we applied it:
-Behrs Exterior Acrylic Paint with Primer
-Hand rolled and hand painted
-Taped for straight lines

The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less. -Socrates