Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Traveling East.

The last two weeks were spent traveling East and dealing with a horrible round of illness with all three children. It's not exactly how I would have liked to have spent 4000 miles on the road by myself but it was what it was. The entire trip wasn't a write off as we got the chance to meet my twin nieces for the first time, see family in both Virginia and Missouri, "visit" my brother at Arlington National Cemetery and visit St. Jude for Montana's cancer check up. It was just a tad disappointing to see all three kids sick through most of it. I'm not going to write a ton about the trip since we are super busy over here trying to clean, pack and get things organized before our big family trip West in the camper.  The road trip east consisted of visiting Missouri, then driving to Virginia, then Memphis, back to Missouri and on home to Colorado. We filled it with as much as we could but mainly it was trip of just chillin' with family. Sometimes, family is all that you need.

This winter has been awesome and we're sad for it to come to a close believe it or not. NEVER, EVER did I think I of all people would say that, but it's the truth. We had a blast but we all know that new adventures lie ahead and adventure is what we're all about.