Sunday, September 4, 2016

Summer is over.

And just like that, our summer is over.

I swear this summer went by so much faster than previous summers. I mean, yes, all summers go by quickly and that's mainly because it's play time with the warm weather, pool time and frequent BBQs but goodness! This summer, we basically blinked and now it's September. However, we can't complain, it was an awesome three months filled with new adventures, catching up with good friends and visiting with family.

The month of August was a little more low key since all of our vistors came during the month of July but it was still a very busy month as far as work. My hair bow business had me extremely busy by lining the most clips yet. I've officially broke my record and my poor little fingers hurt. "Haulin' with the Oats" has now become a sweat shop. Chris was kept busy in the office of the rafting company helping those last minute vacationers with their trips. This family is definitely ready for a good ole road trip. We leave tomorrow.. heck ya!

August definitely left us with some awesome memories.

We hiked our first 14er.. Mount Huron. That was an extremely rough trail while tagging along 3 kiddos who didn't really want to do it to begin with... Not when they found out how cold it was at the trailhead at least. Overall, they did well. We came prepared with plenty of candy, sweets and snacks but it was still touch and go. Next year, Chris and I will hike another one but leave our pumkins behind. Not gonna lie, 14ers are hard enough for adults let alone 6, 8, and 11 year olds. The views  were gorgoeous but those switchbacks were a beast. Plus, we did it in honor of my amazing brother, Sgt Paul Dumont Jr., who gave his life for our freedom.

The kids went rafting a handful of times while I paddleboarded and Chris kayaked. Chris was also able to take the kids down the river in an oar raft for the first time. It was a completely new experience for him but he managed quite well. He also managed to dislocate his shoulder.. AGAIN. That right there was the kicker to the end of season. Plus, my board has a hole still which means we'll be ready for next river season for sure.

Other than that, it was defintely a month filled with lots of work. We have to work hard to play hard and in a week, we'll do just that.

We hope all you had an awesome summer and that your school year is all starting off great!! Roadschool here we come! Happy and safe travels to all.


Visiting with my family from Virginia. 
Penny Arcades in Manitou Springs

Eating at Prost in Frisco. One of our favorite places.

The river life is a good life. 

Sandboarding at the Great Sand Dunes National Park

Stopping by the UFO watch tower on our way home from the sand dunes. Odd place but interesting. 

Hiking at Cottonwood Pass. Elevation - 12,500 at the top. 

Hanging out with Chris' Family in Denver and around town in Buena Vista.

Playing at the splash park in BV and Cottonwood Lake.

Hitting the river with our good friend, Bernardus. 

Hiking our first 14er.. Mount Huron.

Chillin' at the Rafting Company.